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Nature has dressed Lythrodontas with its most beautiful colours, having the green colour of pine and olive trees as prevailing. Wild vegetation intermingles with the cultivated pieces of land, this way creating wonderful scenery.

Especially in the north of Lythrodontas, the prevailing cultivations are olive trees, and this is why Karouzis mentions that “Lythrodontas might possibly maintain the largest cultivations of olive groves in Cyprus”. After all, the cultivation of olive trees constitutes one of the main occupations of the residents of Lythrodontas. More: Olive Cultivation

Apart from olive trees, several fruit baring trees such as pear, fig, apple, peach and plum trees, as well as many kinds of vegetables are cultivated in Lythrodontas. The construction of water dams appears to have contributed to driving people into the occupation of cultivating fruit baring trees and vegetables. In particular, according to Karouzis, the two stony water dams were built during the British occupation, the first in 1944 and the second in 1952, “in order to irrigate 33 hectares of land”.

In the past, apart from many olive groves, the village also maintained several vineyards, to which Gauntry refers. There were mainly vineyards with types of grapes that could be used for producing wine, suitable for producing the traditional alcohol drink of “koumandaria”.

The village’s uncultivated pieces of land are covered with wild vegetation, such as pine trees, thyme, aspalathus. With regards to the wild vegetation that one gets to see in Lythrodontas, Karouzis remarks: “the nature-lovers travellers will have to visit Prophet Elias or Kyprovasa or they will have to follow a trail towards Machairas. Only then will they enjoy the wild scenery, the deep grooves formed by the creeks, the steep but forested sides of the mountain, the sharp peaks and the deep-shadowed ravines. Extremely rich vegetation on this wild scenery is enough for specialist scientists, botanists and foresters to enjoy. The history of the old Monastery dedicated to Prophet Elias is equally significant to the one of the neighbouring Monastery of Machairas. The mountain of Kionia, with the special station on the peak, emerges at the back of the scenery. It is not just state land that is covered with wild vegetation, but also a very large part of the village’s private land”.


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Lythrodontas Community Council

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